Character concept

Ingenious and technology expert, has built alone his armor.
The mains the element exoskeleton breastplate: two giant mechanical hands are controlled independently thanks to a connector connected to his cerebellum.
The palms can come out of various implements depending on his necessity.
A viewer allows him to plan and manage each task and quickly communicate with the rest of the group.
The main color blue represent intelligence, wisdom and leadership.

The Heroes logo is designed on the basis of the modern superhero logos.
The wide base gives strength and security, in opposition to the tip that gives a sense of freedom and growth.
H is formed by two shapes that form a visor, foresight and projection emblem to the future.
The underlying disk represent connection and innovation given by the dynamic and solid line.
The color choice concerns in shades of blue, a symbol of technology, science and research, as well as always,
in the collective imagination, justice and goodness color.

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